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 Nebraska maps - Where is this? - Answer at bottom of page - Hint - Panhandle - Google Map
Nebraska Maps - Interactive & Printable
Where in Nebraska is this?  
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Interactive & Printable
Nebraska Maps

Maps of Nebraska Attractions and
Points of Interest areas

Including Western Nebraska

+ Quick Travel Distance Computations Tips

User Selected Printable Nebraska Maps

Sandhill Crane Migration l Scottsbluff Attractions l Toadstool Geologic Park l Deer Running in Yard Video l Western Nebraska Road Trip
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The Western Nebraska Road Trip
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Updated Viewing Tips - Sandhill Crane Migration + Pictures & Video

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Northwest Nebraska Grasslands & Badlands Area

Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center

Toadstool Geologic
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Chadron & Crawford Area Attractions
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Fort Robinson State Park *

Nebraska Maps
Interactive & Printable
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Nebraska Sandhills Area & Attractions

Sandhills Area Info
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Northern Nebraska
Niobrara River
& Parks Area

Niobrara River + Nearby Attractions *

Smith Falls Waterfall & Niobrara River Pict
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Western Nebraska Panhandle Area

Scottsbluff NE area Attractions - including Chimney Rock

+ Lake Minatare & Lighthouse *

Sandhill Crane Viewing on Platte Grand Island & Kearney

Sandhill Crane Migration - Viewing Tips, Pictures & Video

Eastern Nebraska Attractions
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Lincoln, NE area Attractions
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10 Deer Running in Back Yard Video
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Omaha area Attractions *

Indian Cave State Park near Brownville
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Nebraska Maps - Attractions and Points of Interest Areas
Including Western Nebraska and the Sandhills


One of the first things one needs in planning any Travels in Nebraska is to check out the distances one is going to travel so you know about where you may be staying each night of your trip.

Both Google and Yahoo Maps have a very easy to use map function to calculate the distance between two or more points that instantly gives you an estimate of the number of miles traveled between the points, as well as the estimated time it will take to drive the route. A by-product of the calculation is turn-by-turn directions for the route, as well as a general over-all map of the route.

Shortest Driving Time Vs Shortest Distance Map Route
The Distance map calculator is set to select the route that takes the least driving time, not necessarily the shortest route.

For example, a trip to Chadron, Nebraska from Lincoln, NE (68516) by the shortest distance through Broken Bow on Scenic Hwy 2 if you "force" the route by defining point B on the way from Lincoln as Broken Bow. The distance is calculated by the Yahoo Distance Map Calculator as 431.2 Miles and a driving time of approximately 10 hours and 22 minutes. This link shows that Lincoln to Chadron Route Via Hwy 2 through Broken Bow. A screen shot view of that Nebraska Maps page is shown below.
Lincoln to Chadron Map Via Broken Bow - Yahoo Distance Calculation

If you just select Point "A" as 68516 in Lincoln, Nebraska at Yahoo Maps, and point B as Chadron, Nebraska, the Calculator routes you Via the "fast" I-80 route out to US-385 straight north up to Chadron -- a distance of 479.8 miles (48.6 miles further than above route through Broken Bow), but a driving time of only 8 hours and 16 minutes taking the fast 75 MPH I-80 miles into account. This link shows that faster Lincoln to Chadron, Nebraska Via I-80 Map route calculated and plotted at Yahoo Maps. Screen shot view of that Map page is below.
Lincoln to Chadron Via I-80 - Yahoo Maps Distance Calculator

Use either of the Yahoo Nebraska Map Links above and fill in your own locations to check driving times and distances at Yahoo Maps.

Differences in Calculations between Yahoo Maps & Google Maps
Google now has a Google Maps function which works similar to Yahoo. When we checked some of the same driving trips against Yahoo, we found that the distance estimates were usually almost identical, and often the driving time estimates were also.

Tip Tips However, on several road trips we checked, Google Maps would show estimated significantly shorter driving times than Yahoo Maps -- as much as one hour shorter driving time on some approximately 7 to 9 hour trips we checked.

Example: This link shows the Google Maps version of the same Lincoln to Chadron, Nebraska Via I-80 trip as shown in link above on Yahoo Maps so you can compare. Yahoo Maps estimates this 7 - 8 hour drive as taking over an hour longer than Google Maps. If you would prefer to arrive early than late, then should plan using the longer driving time estimates.

The driving time differences actually seemed larger on shorter "in-state" trips than when estimating long distance driving times across several states. Check your road trip on both types of Maps to be sure and use the time estimate which looks like the closest to you. Use the Google Map link above and fill in your own destinations to check your own Nebraska Maps and road trip driving times at Google.

Interactive Nebraska Maps where you can add your own Location Comments

Google started the new Interactive Map technology with their "Google Earth" which requires a special software download to take advantage of all the "animated" zooming up and down simulated "flying" from location to location features. Fun to view if you haven't tried it yet.

Now both "Google Maps" and "Yahoo Local" use technology where you can simply right click on a map to "grab" it and drag the map to a new position without having to wait for a new map image download. Not "flying" from point to point, but still a great improvement over the slow reloading maps of the past.

Now can add WikiMapia Map Labels and Content - like Wikipedia Encyclopedia

WikiMapia now is a Global Map Site using Google Maps technology that encourages "Lets Describe the Whole World" wherein Users are encouraged to add their own Map Points of Interest Descriptions and comments -- with user "controls" and editing similar to used on the very popular and growing Wikipedia Free Online Encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to. Reviews, controls, and checks of User added content is done by other users and the Wikipedia or WikiMapia "editors." The system has been perfected with the Wikipedia Encyclopedia User Added Content and seems to now work pretty well.

WikiMapia just adds a "layer" with the WikiMapia user defined Points of Interest and Attraction comments "on top of" the Google Earth Map technology. You can use the map controls on the WikiMapia Maps page below to view, "grab and drag," and zoom in and out on the Nebraska Map Image below - just as you would on a Google Interactive Map.

Detailed Street Views for Town Maps

You can zoom in close enough in the "Map" view to get very detailed street views in towns. The "Hybrid" view is a combination of some Road Map information with Satellite Images and thus cannot be zoomed in as close as the road "Map" view since that much detail is not available from Satellite Images -- yet.

Tip Tips Would suggest you bookmark this page before working with the WikiMapia Interactive Nebraska Map below since when you click on the red "WikiMapia" link in the upper right corner, the map opens into a full window that replaces this and is hard to back up to after you have worked with the map some.

  OR - Easy Tips- Simply click on this New Nebraska-Maps Page Link to open a new duplicate window on top of this page at this spot before you click to the full window WikiMapia Nebraska Map View. This page will then remain underneath of your new Nebraska Map Window to come back to.

The red drop down links that appear in the upper left of the new WikiMapia window are fairly self explanatory and even allow you to add your own Map Content descriptions for all to see. Would suggest you read the WikiMapia FAQ list before you get too carried away adding your own very "Public" Map Descriptions.

Interactive and Printable Nebraska Maps (best viewed with FireFox - see Info at lower left)

Google Interactive Satellite Map from WikiMapia - you can see very detailed terrain characteristics in zoomed in "Hybrid" view.
Enlarge to full window and find an area on the above Map you want to view details for and then use arrows to move & center map below
- OR put cursor on spot on Map and right click and hold to "grab" and drag map to center on desired area
Even if on a "fast" connection, sometimes it takes a bit for all of the new map segments to load if quickly change map positions.

Then click "+" at upper left on Map 2 or 3 times as needed to enlarge Aerial Map to view terrain details with highways and towns.
- If want very detailed roads or streets view, will have to switch to "Map" view Vs "Hybrid" or "Satellite"

Tip Tips Set your printer in Landscape Page Orientation so will print the full page map view - part of your printed Map View will be cropped from what you see
on your screen, so use "Print View" to see what actually will be printing and print Map page from there.

Note: When click on WikiMapia text that causes Map below to open in a full replacement window, you usually will not be able to return to this page
TipsClick this New Nebraska-Map Page Link FIRST to open a new top window for working with your Interactive Nebraska Maps.  Have Fun!

Map below is interactive - Right click on a point and hold to "grab" and move map - or use [<] [^] [v] [>] to move & [+] [-] zoom buttons to left

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The list of the pages here now + descriptions is below.

. Toadstool Geologic Park in the Chadron, NE "Badlands" area northwest of the Western Nebraska Sandhills -- plus Hiking Trail Info and Photo Gallery (Some High Resolution Photo Versions are now also available.)

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  * Where in Nebraska is the small map at the top left?  Scottsbluff, NE - the green area is the Scotts Bluff National Monument. Screenshot of a Google Interactive Nebraska Map.

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