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All pictures on this Colorful Sunset Photos Gallery + Colorful Sunrise Photos page are Copyrighted, but you are welcome to use them by following the free download instructions below.

- Or - for non-Watermarked High Resolution file size Images + Free Downloadable Sunset Photos Gallery Wallpaper & Screensaver Image Versions, see bottom of page.

Flocks of Migrating Sandhill Cranes coming in to roost on the Platte River at Sunset Photo

Click a link to check out the Colorful Sunset Pictures + Sunrise Photos and comments below -- or to skip down directly to the Colorful Country Sunrise Photos

Sunset Photos Gallery - Colorful Rural Nebraska Country Sunset Pictures - some with beautiful clouds & interesting Jet Trails and colors - below

Sunrise Photos Gallery - Nebraska Country - Midwest US colorful "cloudy" Sunrises - Peaceful Rural Nebraska - below

Sunset Photos Gallery - some colorful sunset cloud shots

- Taken in peaceful Midwest Nebraska rural country areas

Midwest Sunset over small rural lake - variety of blue & orange colors - Sunset Photos Gallery
Nebraska Country Sunset with many blue and orange cloudy sky colors over small lake
- Near viewing area for Sandhill Cranes Migration near Doniphan, NE (which is
near Grand Island, Nebraska)
- Midwest US - Great Sunset Photos Gallery addition.
(See our Sandhill Crane Migration Pictures & Video Links near the bottom of the page
for more on the majestic Sandhill Cranes + 2 Videos)

The above picture + several others here are available in High Resolution Versions - Links Below

Colorful pink and blue Clouds in sunset sky
Nebraska Midwest Country Sunset colors - big pink over blue clouds from low red sunset sun shining on the cloud tops

Don't miss the flock of geese flying in a "V" with changing jet trails
series of 3 sunset photos below.

+ Photo selected to be on a upcoming Calendar!

All pictures on this page are Copyrighted - see bottom of page for free downloads + High Resolution Downloadable Photo Links

Nebraska Midwest Colorful Sunset and clouds - red, orange and blue color sunset with " beam " in sky + jet trail
Colorful Nebraska Country Sunset and clouds - red, orange and blue color sunset with a " beam " in a
slightly cloudy sky with remains of a jet trail

Colorful Sunset clouds - blue, pink, orange and yellow colors in beautiful cloudy sunset sky
Colorful Country Sunset clouds - Blue, red, pink and yellow colors in a beautiful
cloudy Rural Nebraska sky

Colorful clouds - Red, orange and blue color sky - Beautiful Rural Sunset + one jet trail - Sunset Photos Gallery
Beautiful Sunset clouds with variety of colors + one short high jet trail
- peaceful Nebraska Country area

See below for free downloadable picture files + High Resolution Photos

  # 1 of series of 3 Photos ending with Flock of Geese Flying at Sunset

Nebraska Sunset Photos Gallery - Colorful blue sky with MANY jet trails - some "moving"
# 1 of series of 3 - Colorful Sunset with MANY white jet trails on dark blue sky - Nebraska country road
- could see several of the white jet trails quietly moving across the blue sky
This is the first in a series of 3 photos of the same sunset taken at 4:43PM on 12/11/2005
- see follow-up Photos in the series below

The above photo was taken to northwest from a Country Road south of Lincoln, Nebraska
-- actually the gravel road that runs in front of our acreage!

Nebraska Sunset Photo with Red Color Jet trails in dark blue sky - taken 27 minutes after above photo
# 2 - Rural sunset with several red jet trails on dark blue sky - taken 27 minutes after above photo
when the sunset sun was lower and turning clouds and jet trails red color.
(If do a free "screensaver" download of both photos, can
"hover" cursor over file names and see exact times in EXIF Photo File data.)

The Photo above is the 2nd in the series of 3 of the same sunset on this page. It was taken standing
near the same spot as the #1 photo above except taken slightly to southwest.
The 3rd photo in this series is the one with the flying geese below

Colorful orange, red & blue country sunset sky with a flock of Geese flying in V + red jet trails
# 3 - Colorful dark blue Nebraska rural country sunset with a flock of geese flying in a "V" + several
red & orange color jet trails in slightly cloudy purple-blue sky - beautiful peaceful Midwest scene.
Could hear the geese "honking."   It is one of our Nebraska Travels Sunset Photos Gallery favorites
+ also a very popular Screensaver/Wallpaper and should be uploaded soon to our
High Resolution Photo Downloads page
This photo has been chosen to be on a Calendar to be printed in a few months!

   The photo above is the 3rd on this page taken of the same changing colorful sunset - It was taken about 35 minutes after the 1st "MANY White Jet Trails" sunset above. Had decided I was finished taking photos of the colorful sunset and was walking up the driveway toward the house on Dec 11, 2005.
   Had stopped to take a couple shots of the Christmas decoration lights in the front yard which had just clicked on with the timer, when heard the geese "honking" and turned around and got this "Flock of Geese Flying at Sunset" picture.
A minute later and would been inside and missed this great Photo!!
   -- (High Res Photos Info and Thumbnails free Preview Link below)

Flocks of Sandhill Cranes at Sunset Photo with Red Color - On Platte River near Gibbon, Nebraska
New Flocks of Migrating Sandhill Cranes coming in to roost on the Platte river at Sunset Photo with
Red Sky. Taken from a Rowe Sanctuary & Audubon Center Viewing Blind on the edge
of the Platte River near Gibbon, Nebraska - Southeast of Kearney, NE
This photo should be available soon as a non-watermarked
High Resolution Photo Download

Sunset Photo with many Red - Oraange - Pink Color in cloudy dark blue sky - Midwest country area
Rural Nebraska Country sunset with Red, Orange, & Pink colors on dark blue sky + 2 jet trail remains

Sunset Photo with Pink Color puffy clouds in blue sky - Nebraska Midwest country area
Rural Nebraska Country Sunset Photo with Pink Colors on puffy clouds in blue sky - taken at
same time as above red sunset looking away from sunset - low red sunset sun shining on tops of clouds

Sunset Photo with pink and yellow Colors with blue and white clouds - Eastern Nebraska Midwest country area
NewRural Nebraska Pink, Orange, and Yellow Sunset with white and blue clouds. Taken from
a country road in Rural US in Eastern Nebraska near Lincoln, NE on 9/4/2012
High Resolution non-Watermarked Downloadable & Printable version of some Colorful Sunset Photos
are now available on this Photos Page. "Comp" Downloads are also available.

Colorful Country Sunrises - Rural Midwest America

Colorful orange - red - sunrise clouds with dark blue sky - Nebraska Midwest country road - Sunrise Photo
Colorful red & orange sunrise, with dark blue & grey clouds - Nebraska sunrise from peaceful country road

Sunrise with white and blue clouds and bright blue sky color - Quiet rural Nebraska Midwest area
Colorful blue colors in Nebraska Midwest Country Sunrise sky - peaceful rural country road

Colorful Sunset puffy blue clouds in sky - quiet rural Nebraska Midwest area
Sunrise puffy blue color clouds - quiet rural Midwest country area in Eastern Nebraska

Colorful orange - red - blue sunrise clouds and sky - Nebraska Midwest country road - Sunset Photos Gallery
Colorful red, orange, and blue clouds - Nebraska Midwest sunrise on dark blue sky - peaceful country area

Orange and Blue Color Nebraska Midwest Country Sunrise sky with Jet Trails in Clouds
Blue & orange color Midwest Country Sunrise with several jet trails - could see some of them quietly
"moving" across the slightly cloudy blue sky as we watched this beautiful country sunrise in
Rural Nebraska

Beginning of Colorful Red and Blue Nebraska Midwest Country Sunrise sky - 7-34am
First of a series of photos of a fast emerging Colorful Red, Yellow, and Purple
Sunrise Sky -- This photo taken at 7:26am when this December Sunrise was just starting to appear.
Taken to east from deck on an Eastern Nebraska acreage.

Red and Blue Colorful Nebraska Midwest Country Sunrise sky -- 7-34am
 This Photo taken at 7:34am just before the Sun rose --Colorful Red, Orange, Yellow, and Purple
Eastern Nebraska Rural Sunrise sky
-- Watched this fast changing Sunrise from just as it started to appear to when the sun appeared
  and the colors faded. Shows why you have to take several Photos of fast changing events!

See this article on 5 Basic "Non-Technical" Tips on taking better Digital Photos with Photo examples
-- Vacation & Landscape Photos + Sunrise Photos and Kids Photo Tips
-- on another of our 4 US Vacation Guide Sites (Links below).

All pictures on this page are Copyrighted - see bottom of page for free downloads
(Another version of this picture is on another site by permission - link at bottom)

A High Resolution downloadable version of this photo + several others in this Sunset Photos Gallery,
are available at the High Resolution Photo Previews link - Direct to High Resolution Photo Previews.

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